JLift V17

Why a JLIFT Motor? - Technology you can rely on!

Electric Chain Hoist JLift V17 - manufactured through JDR Lifting Technology in Germany offers you the highest grade on Safety and Performance for the perfect Show and Event.

DGUV 17 w350

The silently operating Gearbox and DC Brakes enable the Use of your JLIFT Hoist even for classic Theatre Applications. The integrated PLC System ensures together with the load sensing Suspension Eye a very accurate load detection and switches the Hoist off in any Case of Overloading or Slack chain.

High Speed Performance up to 28 m/min on 500 kg Capacity (together with Variable Speed Control system JMOTION VS or BRC-2FU) are no problem. So let the Show begin!


  • Aluminum die-cast Housing combined with hard-rock shock protective Fiber on the electric Side
  • 2 Handles for easy Transportation
  • Grease-filled Gearbox with highly precise Gear components
  • All Load chains black phosphated
  • Eye-type Suspension with integrated Load sensor
  • Standard 400 V, 50 Hz 24 VDC control voltage
  • One or two Speeds available
  • Slipping Clutch as additional mechanical overload protection on the Motor shaft
  • Isolation Class F, Protection Class IP 55
  • Duty Factor S3 – 25 %
  • Quality Made in Germany – approved by external Authorities
  • Time gap controlled DC Double Brakes with Brake surveillance Contacts
  • STROMAG type 4 Position Limit Switch, approved acc. DGUV 17
  • TTL type Incremental Encoder with 1024 pulses as Standard
  • Capacities from 250 kg – 1000 kg, Speeds of up to 20 m/min at 50 Hz (28m/min combined with our Varispeed Control Systems JMOTION VS or BRC2-FU)

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