JMotion Series

Control Solutions JMotion, powered by Fülling & Partner

Together with our JLIFT Motor Solutions acc. DGUV Rule 17(former BGV-C1) we sell High- Quality Control Systems JMOTION

These Control offer highest possible Safety and Flexibility in the Field of Mobile Event Technology, for instance during Concerts, in Multipurpose Halls or Stadiums, just as in stationary Use in a Theatre, Musical or Studio. They are based on globally accepted Industry Standard Components and are therefore extremely economical.


Variable Speed Control System JMoTIoN VS - PLC Based Variable Speed Control System für Motors acc. DGUV 17

Our JMotion Control System type VS can be combined with standard PC and GOT remote or one of our Joystick Remote desk solutions

Functions of our JMoTIoN VS Control

  • Over/Underload Detection
  • Movements of synchronous and asynchronous groups with Emergency Switch-Off, Distance and Time synchronous Movements
  • Mounted in amptown Profi Case – compact design fitting to Trucksize
  • 8-Way Multimaster Units, linkable up to 64 Channels
  • GOT Joy as standard operational Remote
  • Overview of Motorstatus on the Screen
  • Safe E-Stop-Circuit acc. IEC 61508 SIL 3, up to Cath. 4
  • Load monitoring for all connected Drives
  • Integrated Frequency Converters, speed conversion from 0.5 – 70 HZ, vectorized
  • SHOW and CUE Mode
  • Including Software for operational Computer
  • Can be used with every Windows Computer or one of our computerized Desks JMOTION
  • The ideal Control Solution for programmed Movements with vriable Speed



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