JMOTION B, BL & BW Multimaster

JMotion Series

Control Solutions JMotion, powered by Fülling & Partner

Together with our JLIFT Motor Solutions acc. DGUV Rule 17(former BGV-C1) we sell High- Quality Control Systems JMOTION

These Control offer highest possible Safety and Flexibility in the Field of Mobile Event Technology, for instance during Concerts, in Multipurpose Halls or Stadiums, just as in stationary Use in a Theatre, Musical or Studio. They are based on globally accepted Industry Standard Components and are therefore extremely economical.

JMOTION B, BL and BW Multimaster

Control System with great Ease of Use for affordable Controlling for JLIFT Chain Hoists acc. DGUV Rule 17
Basic Functions

  • Underload switch-off
  • Asynchronous group drives with group stop
  • 19" case for rack / truss mounting
  • Execution as a 4- / 8-way control system (Type B, BL)
  • Using PLC systems of the global Leader Mitsubishi Electric for Setting and Operating Mitsubishi Industrial Touch panel as Remote
  • Dedicated error messages depending on the drive
  • Simplest System and Network Setup on the Basis of an industrial 485 Network
  • Two-channel Emergency Stop acc. IEC 61508 SIL 3 up to Category 4
  • Two Emergency Stop shutdown methods up to the drive
  • All Functions are applicable to all racks.
  • Load monitoring for all channels at version BL
  • Version Force BW with positioning read out and connection to operational Computer, includes Software for Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
  • Full Show Cue Functions on version BW

BW controller w350 

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